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We count on our doctors to give patients the best possible care. Regrettably, doctors sometimes make mistakes. These mistakes can cause serious harm or sometimes death to their patients. A lawsuit was recently brought on behalf of the relatives of a woman who died because of alleged misdiagnosis. The suit was brought against Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center, Community First Healthcare of Illinois, Inc., Midwest Emergency Centralia Campus Associates, Inc. and some medical professionals and is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000.

Medical Mistakes are Common

There are several areas where mistakes can be made. The doctor may not adequately diagnose the condition or may fail to make a diagnosis. Prescription medication may be improperly dosed or administered. Inadequate care may be provided or mistakes can be made during surgery. Medical mistakes happen very often, however, they do not always cause serious injuries. When the mistakes create a severe medical condition or death, the physician could be negligent. Medical errors are now the third leading reason for death in the United States.

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Surgery, especially spinal surgery, is a serious medical treatment and one that must be done properly. We trust that our doctors will take the care necessary to ensure that our procedure is successfully completed. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against several doctors and medical facilities alleging that negligent surgery led to a woman’s further serious injuries. The complaint states that the woman suffered injuries that required further treatment and additional surgeries after a spinal procedure was performed improperly.

Spinal Surgery Performed Improperly

According to the lawsuit, the doctors and hospitals were negligent because they performed surgery when it was not necessary. Additionally, the claim states that doctors did not utilize bone morphogenetic protein properly or in the necessary amounts. Also, the proper procedures were not completed in a timely manner. The suit also claims that the doctors were negligent in other ways which were not specified.

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The parents of a girl have filed a lawsuit alleging negligent care is responsible for her injuries. According to the lawsuit, while the girl was hospitalized improper medical care was provided and she suffered inadequate nutrition as a result. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against the University of Chicago Medical Center requesting damages of more than $50,000 citing negligence in her care.

Inadequate Medical Care

Hospitals and other care facilities are required to provide proper treatment and supervision to patients under their care. This was not the case for the young victim in this instance. The girl was supposed to have nutrition lines surgically placed. The lines were to provide sustenance. However, the lines were not properly placed and the girl suffered injuries as a result. Further, the staff members failed to recognize the problem and so she was not being adequately nourished.

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Appendicitis is an acute inflammation of the appendix and requires immediate medical treatment. The failure to properly diagnose a patient with appendicitis caused serious injuries and medical care. The patient filed a lawsuit against the doctor, Christ Immediate Care, and Oaklawn Immediate Care alleging that their failure to make a diagnosis caused injuries. The victim is requesting a jury trial and damages of more than $50,000.

Appendicitis Misdiagnosis

The appendix is an unnecessary body part so if it becomes inflamed it can be removed with no negative consequence. Appendicitis symptoms may be similar to other medical problems so the doctor must take care to perform the proper tests in order to make the correct diagnosis. If an inflamed appendicitis bursts it becomes a very serious medical emergency and the patient could die. An eruption of the appendix spews infected matter into the abdominal cavity. This creates an urgent medical situation.

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Plastic surgery is also commonly called cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is typically an elective procedure that is done to change the body’s appearance in some way. There are many types of surgical procedures that are considered cosmetic. Doctors are required to follow proper medical protocol to ensure that patients are not harmed. In one situation, the family of a woman who died after plastic surgery filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming the surgeon was negligent.

Cosmetic Surgery Options

Cosmetic surgery is ultimately a choice made by the patient under the recommendation of a doctor. The doctor must provide a thorough examination and evaluation before giving a recommendation. In this case, the lawsuit indicates that the doctor failed to properly evaluate the patient before she underwent cosmetic surgery. This included inadequate psychological assessment. The woman developed a pulmonary embolism and died.

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When we have medical problems we count on the doctor to properly diagnose it and provide us with proper treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes a physician makes a mistake and causes additional pain and further injuries. In one recent case, a patient alleges that the doctor and hospital were negligent by causing serious injuries resulting from mistakes made during or after a colostomy. The man filed a lawsuit in Cook County against Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers and two doctors alleging negligence in medical care.

Colostomy Mistake

A colostomy is a surgical procedure that removes a section of colon and redirects fecal matter outside the body into a bag. The removal of a portion of colon is done when the area is diseased or cancerous. The procedure is sometimes done as a temporary measure when further surgery is needed. The man claims that the doctors failed to take the proper steps prior to performing the procedure, including the failure to take a CT scan before surgery.

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Medication mistakes are a common problem and may be cause for concern. Prescription errors can create medical problems or may lead to death. A lawsuit was recently filed by the family of a woman who died after having taken medication that should not have been prescribed, according to her family. The lawsuit states that the doctors failed to properly evaluate the woman’s condition before making the ill-fated prescription. The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of the family of an amount greater than $50,000.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are all too common an occurrence. Mistakes may be made in a number of areas including in the initial diagnosis and prescription by the doctor, in filling the prescription by a pharmacist, and by those administrating the medications. Medical errors, including medication mistakes, are the third most common cause of death in the United States. Medication errors can and should be prevented.

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Doctors are expected to provide proper care to their patients. When a doctor fails to properly diagnose a condition the result can be pain, injury, and further medical complications for the patient. In one such instance, a patient filed a lawsuit against a doctor and medical group because he suffered severe pain and injuries due to a failed diagnosis. The lawsuit is requesting a judgment of more than $50,000.

Misdiagnosis of Lump on Right Arm

The lawsuit alleges that the man had a mass on his right arm that was misdiagnosed. The man then underwent expensive medical treatment for what turned out to be an incorrect diagnosis. The man states that the lump was diagnosed as lipoma but was actually a schwannoma. The two conditions are not treated the same.  The man therefore spent a great deal of time and money on improper treatment. At the same time, his actual condition was not being adequately treated.

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A woman who went to the dentist for routine wisdom teeth extraction ended up suffering severe and permanent injuries. According to lawsuit documents, the woman underwent minor dental surgery for the removal of her wisdom teeth when she suffered permanent nerve damage. The woman states that the dentist failed to properly evaluate her condition before performing the procedure and for improperly performing the removal. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against the dentist and Oral, Maxillofacial and Implant Surgery Ltd. claiming negligent dental care.

Nerve Damage

The mouth and neck have many different nerves that are necessary for proper movement of the tongue and head. When a tooth is extracted, care must be used to ensure that the nerves near the tooth are not damaged. In this case, the woman’s right lingual nerve was cut during the extraction. This nerve partially controls tongue movement. The woman suffered extreme pain and permanent nerve damage. Nerve damage of this type generally cannot be repaired.

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Foot surgery should be considered routine because it is performed every day all across the country with few problems. However, sometimes a mistake is made that causes the patient extreme pain and the need for further medical treatment. In one recent case a man states that his podiatrists performed surgery improperly and he had to undergo additional surgery. The man filed a lawsuit against two podiatrists seeking damages of more than $50,000.

Foot Surgery Gone Wrong

Foot surgery is typically done to correct problems with the bones in the feet. It may be also be necessary when there is a broken bone or fracture. The man in this case underwent foot surgery; however, after the surgery he experienced a great deal of pain and discomfort. The man required additional surgery to resolve the problem. During the second surgery it was discovered that the wrong sized screw was used on a bone in his foot. This is what caused the pain and improper healing of the area.