Wrongful Death Lawsuit Results in $7 Million Verdict

The Winston-Salem Journal published a story late last month on a verdict that was reached in a wrongful death lawsuit filed on a behalf a 54-year old woman who died tragically because of a hospital mistake.

The report indicates how a string of errors and complications ultimately took the life of the victim even though she only went into the hospital initially for a hysterectomy. Following the procedure the woman reported pain, but the doctors did not do anything about the concern. Instead they sent her home the next day. However, it soon became clear that something was wrong. Eventually, over three days after the operation, doctors discovered that they had accidentally perforated her bowel.

As a result of the surgical error, the woman developed a string of complications included sepsis, multiple organ failure, kidney problems, and brain complications. She died a few months later.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf the woman and the trial was finally concluded a week and a half ago. A jury heard how the woman’s doctors ignored symptoms following the surgery like an elected white blood count that is indicative of inflammation. On top of that, even upon returning to the hospital-which was an hour and half away-there was nearly a full day gap between doctor check-ups.

By the time a second operation was ordered to fix the problem, it was too late. She had developed so many complications that her organs began to fail. The family eventually requested that she be transferred to a different hospital. She remained in poor condition at that hospital until her death about two month later.

Stories of tragic medical errors like this one pull at the heartstrings. Few surprises in life are as unwelcome as having a loved one go into the hospital for a certain routine procedure only to have complications develop that ultimately cause death. Our Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti know that there is no way to completely recover what is lost in these situations. However the law provides a partial remedy for victims in order for some justice to be obtained and accountability to be had.

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