Woman Injured During Sleep Study Files Lawsuit

Many people have trouble sleeping at night. In fact, there are so many people affected by sleep problems that there are clinics dedicated to diagnosing and treating the situation. A sleep study should not be dangerous, yet it was harmful for one woman. The woman allegedly suffered facial injuries due to the negligent care of a doctor, hospital, and sleep center. A lawsuit was filed in Cook County against Advocate South Suburban Sleep Center, Tinley Park Sleep Center, LLC, and a doctor, seeking damages of more than $50,000 from each party for her injuries.

Sleep Study Injury

The woman in this case took part in a sleep study conducted through the sleep center associated with Advocate South Suburban Hospital. The purpose of a sleep study is for a patient to be observed and monitored during sleep to determine the cause of sleep problems. In this case, the center utilized a face mask as part of the procedure. The mask was affixed to the woman’s face; however, it caused burns and lacerations. The lawsuit states that the staff failed to properly monitor the woman while she was undergoing the procedure.

Serious Injuries

The sleep study is designed to be a method of diagnosing sleep disorders, but in this case it actually harmed the patient. The mask was not properly attached or was the wrong size to fit the woman’s face. The staff was negligent because they did not supervise the woman while she was wearing the mask, and did not notice that the mask was causing injuries. The woman’s face was burned and bruised by the mask. Had the staff exercised proper care, they would have immediately noticed that the mask was causing injury, and taken steps to remove it immediately.

Medical Negligence

Doctors and medical staff are required to provide adequate medical care and treatment to patients at all times. They must use reasonable care to ensure the safety and well-being of people under their care. In this situation, the staff did not observe the woman while she was wearing the mask, and the mask seriously hurt her. According to the paperwork, the staff was allegedly not properly trained and is not competent to care for patients.

Lawsuit Filed

The improper care in this instance rises to the level of negligence. The woman’s injuries, while not life-threatening, are still considered serious. She suffered pain and cuts because of the improper care of the staff. The lawsuit names the sleep center, hospital, and doctor, as defendants in the case. They are each responsible for ensuring that patients are not harmed while in their facilities. The woman is entitled to damages for medical costs stemming from the injuries. She should also be compensated for pain and suffering, legal costs, and any other damages that she incurred because of the negligent care.

If you or a loved one were injured due to the negligence of a doctor or other medical staff, you may have a legal claim. Call the experienced attorneys at Levin & Perconti to help with your case.

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