Verdict in Medication Error Case

Earlier this week Dr. Stephen Schneider and his wife, nurse Linda Schneider were found guilty of illegally prescribing painkillers to patients, reports Over the Line News. The verdict marks the culmination of this high profile case, where the medical error is said to have caused the death of 68 patients.

The Schneiders had run what is known as a “pill mill,” illegally prescribing huge amounts of potent painkillers with little to no regard for the safety of patients. Time Magazine explains that the guilty medical professionals continually dispensed opiods in too many circumstances and too large amounts. Opiods include drugs like oxycodone and fentanyl and are well-known as addictive substances that all too often lead to overdose deaths. All doctors know that they need be prescribed with the utmost care and with clear warning to patients.

Money was the motivating factor for the Schneiders, as their medical decisions were based more on the cash they could earn by prescribing the pills than the safety of the patients who asked for them. Dr. Schneider became known the “The Candyman” as he developed a reputation for doling out the dangerous medications to whoever would pay.

Medication errors such as the deadly example here are just one form of medical malpractice. Failure to provide the proper type and dosage of medication is a common and deadly form of medical negligence. Pharmaceutical medication error also occurs when doctors and other medical professionals fail to educate patients on the proper use and safety risks of the medication they prescribe.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti have decades of experience fighting for victims of medication error. Any time you seek medical help, you have a right to receive fair, accurate, and professional care and information from doctors, nurses, and all medical staff members. Whenever that care falls below the reasonable standard to which you are entitled, be sure to contact a contact an attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

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