Unique Story Highlights the “World’s Worst Doctor”

Vanity Fair recently posted a story of a doctor who has been dubbed the worst in America. The negligent physician is accused of harming hundreds of patients over his years in practice before fleeing the county.

The Indiana surgeon has a mind-boggling 350 malpractice lawsuits pending against him. The types of errors made are too many to mention, but it seems that the doctor essentially operated a permanently fraudulent operation. Patients would visit the doctor, CAT scans were shown that were not even of the correct patient, and then surgery would be recommended. The CAT scans were shown to scare the patients into thinking surgery was necessary. All that mattered to the doctor was the fact that more surgeries meant more money in his pocket. The unnecessary surgeries involved outdated processes that put hundreds of patients at risk for no reason.

The doctor built his clinic in the tiny Indiana town of Merrillville because the area was filled with working-class citizens who worked hard and had health insurance. In other words, the area was full of individuals who the doctor thought he could exploit for his own gain.

Unfortunately, after pleading guilty to 22 counts of medical fraud, the doctor fled to Europe. He remains in exile, hiding from the hundreds of pending lawsuits and millions of dollars in debt. The negligent doctor’s victims remain without any recourse.

Our Chicago malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti have long been aware that the same negligent doctors and facilities are responsible for repeated mistakes in medical care. A culture or habit of inadequate, risky, and dangerous medical processes creates a dangerous environment where patients are continually harmed. It is for that reason that we reject the many scare tactics currently offered by insurance companies about the effect of malpractice suits on the medical profession. The fact remains that the majority of doctor provide honest, consistent, reliable care that will not expose them to and legal trouble. However, those physicians that harm patient after patient, like the doctor here, need to be held accountable to those they harm.

There is more to this story. Please Click Here to read about it in full.

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