Two New Publications Supporting Patients’ Rights

All those interested in keeping abreast of developments in the areas of patients’ legal rights and medical malpractice now have even more options. The Center for Justice and Democracy announced early last week on the release of two new publications in the area. The consumer groups is hoping that the publications will provide even more clear insight demonstrating the challenges of the proposals that some states are considering which would further deny certain victims access to the full justice system.

First, The Circuit published an article explaining that the claimed alternatives to the regular justice system-like health courts, apology and early offer laws, certificates of merit, and others-are often fatally flawed. The author notes, “Rather than changing patients’ legal rights, the focus should be on increased safety as the best way to decrease the need for litigation.”

Second, the Center released An Analysis of HHS Patient Safety and Medical Liability Initiative which critiqued an experimental program out of New York. That program will force many OB/GYN patients into biased legal apparatus with fewer legal options and no notice that they will be forced to concede their rights upon entering the hospital.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti have consistently fought for the unfettered rights of patient-victims. We are confident that the more individuals who are made aware of the truth about “alternatives” like arbitrary damage caps will support the rights of judges and juries to decide the outcome of cases following medical mistakes.

To read more from these publications on the potential harm to patients please Click Here.

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