Three Questionable Infant Deaths Lead to Hospital Investigation

The death of an 8-month child last week has sparked a local investigation into Tacoma’s Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. As reported in The Olympian, this death involved a young daughter swallowing prescription medication. Authorities will are waiting the return of a toxicology test to more conclusively explain the cause of death.

Strangely this was the third young child killed in the area. The week before, a newborn was killed in route to Children’s Hospital after a medical mistake. A hospital staff member erroneously administered medication to the young child without any doctor’s orders. That medication error caused the infant’s death.

Two days after that tragedy, an 8 month old child died at the same hospital following an overdose of calcium chloride. An investigation into that particular accident led to the conclusion that it was an “adverse event,” meaning that the mistake should have been prevented.

As this string of terrible child deaths shows vividly, when dealing with young bodies, medication mistakes often have tragic consequences. The protective systems of the body are yet to be fully developed in these young infants, meaning that inappropriate drugs or inappropriate doses of drugs entering these bodies can wreak much more damage than if given to an adult or even an older child.

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