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American Association for Justice Report: The Truth About “Defensive Medicine”

Yesterday we shared a report for the American Association for Justice that detailed several common myths of medical negligence. One of those explained the reality that health care costs were not inflated because of medical malpractice claims. In fact, only .3% (one third of one percent) of the total cost of healthcare in the United States is spent defending claims of negligence.

One corollary often made to that myth is the fact that costs are increased indirectly because of the use of “defensive medicine.” Specifically, some claim that doctors now run more tests than necessary because of the fear of litigation. Yet, a close look at the situation in hospitals across the country paints a much different picture.

The majority of scholarly research into these claims has found that the problem of defensive medicine is nothing more than the latest gambit by those interested in taking rights away from medical victims. In reality, the data indicates that medical providers are not conducting as many additional tests as is often believed. In addition, virtually no savings in medical costs can be gained from eliminating the testing of patients. One of the main motivators for anything labeled “defensive” medicine is actually increased income for the medical professionals and/or more complete care to the patient.

Our Chicago malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti believe that all victims of medical negligence deserve the same basic access to the justice system. We work every day to help those who have suffered at the hands of negligent care. It is important to spread the truth about the so-called “reform” efforts now being pushed that would do nothing but provide more money for insurance companies and less access to justice for the average medical victim.

There is much more to this report on defensive medicine claims. Please Click Here to learn the truth about the scope and cause of increasing testing by doctors. Also, be sure to check back to this blog in the coming days for more reports from the American Association for Justice.

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