Surgical Mistakes Blamed for Woman’s Injuries

A woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in Cook County against a hospital, medical group, and two doctors alleging negligence during surgery caused serious injuries. The woman was a patient at St. Alexius Medical Center where she underwent a surgical procedure. The procedure was not performed properly, according to the woman, and she was injured as a result. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Failure to Properly Perform Procedure

The lawsuit indicates that the woman underwent a surgical procedure through Suburban Surgical Care Specialists, S.C. although the exact operation was not disclosed. After the procedure, the woman complained of extreme physical pain and also suffered from vomiting. The woman claims that the doctors did not perform the procedure properly and that caused her to suffer injuries along with pain.


Negligence occurs when a responsible party fails to provide proper care or take proper precautions to keep someone safe. Particularly, in the case of a doctor, negligence may happen due to a mistake or the failure to do something that should have been done to prevent injuries. Negligence by a doctor is often the same as medical malpractice. Doctors and other medical professionals must provide a high standard of care. Failure to do so could result in medical malpractice if the patient suffers a serious injury or dies as a result.

Surgical Procedures

When a patient enters the hospital or outpatient facility to have an operation, they expect that they will be properly cared for before, during, and after the procedure. When proper care is not used during a medical procedure, it can lead to complications and further physical harm as it did in this instance. The doctors failed to perform the operation in the manner that would avoid harmful side effects. Instead, the woman was severely injured because of the operation.

Medical Mistakes

Medical mistakes are the third most common cause of death in the United States. This statistic is difficult to accept because mistakes are preventable. In addition to death, a large number of people suffer injuries every year because of errors made by the medical profession. These errors include errors in diagnosis and treatment, problems with prescriptions, pharmacy errors, medicine administration mistakes, and surgical mistakes, among others.

What to Do After a Medical Mistake

If you are the victim of a medical mistake it is important to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will review the facts of the situation to determine the best way to proceed. If indeed medical negligence or malpractice has happened you may be entitled to compensation. Compensation should include money to cover all of your additional medical costs as well as future expenses that may be incurred because of the injury. If you were unable to work because of the injury, you should receive lost wages. When an injury leaves a permanent disability, you also need money to cover the associated additional costs which may cover the rest of your life.

If you were injured due to a medical mistake, call the skilled attorneys at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation.

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