Surgeon Linked to Multiple Cases of Medical Malpractice

MSNBC reported this week on a doctor who is facing several different medical malpractice lawsuits following botched brain procedures that have left several victims severely impaired. The latest case that went to trial this Tuesday in Texas was filed by a victim who alleges that the doctor made critical errors during a brain biopsy which left the victim permanently disabled.

The doctor in question had only recently moved from Minnesota into the state of Texas where he joined a brain and spine center. His conduct in several previous cases in the Midwestern state led him to be sanctioned for unethical and unprofessional conduct. According to records discovered by investigative reporters, the negligent surgeon was involved in several medical malpractice lawsuits. Those included two cases where the victims were allegedly killed by the surgeon’s mistakes. In total at least five previous medical malpractice cases were settled by the doctor before he moved to the new state. In fact, the doctor faces another medical malpractice lawsuit in Minnesota for another botched brain biopsy that will begin on Tuesday-meaning that the doctor has two trials going on in two different states concurrently because of his alleged mistakes.

The five previous medical malpractice cases in Minnesota ultimately led the doctor to be supervised by a mentoring doctor in that state-though he was still free to practice. However, upon moving to the new state, the surgeon was again free and clear with full privileges. In fact members of the new state’s medical board were not aware of any previous problems with the doctor. It would have been difficult for any new patient of the physician to have learned about the previous allegations against him, because the information was not publicly available.

This case highlights a few principles with which our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys well understand. The first is the fact that very often the same doctors and medical professionals are the ones who repeatedly provide substandard care. Most doctors, nurses, and medical assistants work hard to ensure that they use their expertise in a reasonable way to provide patients with the care they need. It is only a small minority that is negligent in their conduct and causes harm. However, because of often lax rules, that dangerous minority is capable of harming various unsuspecting patients again and again.

Similarly, this case demonstrates the loophole that is available in many areas which allow negligent doctors who have been severely sanctioned in one state (or perhaps even disallowed from practicing) to move to another state and essentially have a clear record. This possibility acts as a severe danger to patients in the new state who typically have no way of knowing of the professional’s dangerous background.

Each and every Illinois medical malpractice lawyer at our firm is committed to helping those unsuspecting patients who often suffer life-ending or life-debilitating injuries by the misconduct of their physicians. Big medical interests always have deep-pocketed groups lobbying on their behalf to ensure that rules are slanted in their favor. We are proud to stand up for the patients harmed by medical negligence who rarely have the resources to take on those that cause them harm.

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