Study Dispenses With Medical Malpractice Myths

A new study suggests that claims of medical malpractice verdicts in Illinois spiraling out of control are greatly exaggerated. The study analyzed Illinois jury verdicts and settlements since 2002 by county. In contrast to claims that juries are awarding Plaintiffs millions-upon-millions in frivolous lawsuits, the study concluded that Plaintiffs prevail at trial in only about 1 out of 3 cases, with median verdicts at about $1 Million. The same holds true for settlements with most offers being characterized as de minimis especially when factoring in the high costs associated with a medical malpractice and negligence case. This study also dispensed with the myth that a medical malpractice case in Illinois could only succeed in Cook County. Statistically, there appears to be little difference in either the success rates or size of the verdicts when comparing Cook County to the rest of Illinois. Altogether, the study shows that criticisms of medical malpractice claims in Illinois are greatly exaggerated.

For the full study, click here:

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