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Stryker & DePuy Hip Recalls Reminder of Dangers of Metal Hip Implants

The safety of all consumer goods is critical. But the need for tight standards to control systematic manufacturing or design problems is perhap most important when it comes to the porducts that are used in the medical profession. Medical tools and devices are often involved in very invasive actions, and if there is a problem the potential for serious harm is greatly heightened. In fact, there are even some products that are actually implanted into the body and stay there. If those medical devices have problems it is almost inevitable that there will be severe consequences for the patient.

All those working on these products are well aware of these risks, and regulators are charged with providing necessary oversight to ensure basic safety standards are met. Patients are unable to determine the safety on their own, and so they rely on the good work of designers, manufacturers, and public regulators.

Unfortunately, history is a reminder that those standards are often not met. For example, several hip implant products have recently been pulled from the shleves but not before affecting thousands of patients who were harmed by the defects in the devices. These metal-on-metal hip replacement products include those made by Strker and DepPuy, two of the leading companies in the field. Our lawyers are working with those in Chicago and throughout Illinois who have been harmed by these products.

Metal Hip Products
A recent article discussed the serious concerns by patient safety advocates about the dangers posed by metal-on-metal hip implants. According to a New York Times story, about half a million Americans currently have these metal-on-metal hips. This is a significant number made even more frightening when one considers that some have argued that upwards of 50% of all of those hips wll not work exactly as intended. This is a very serious issue because so many may ultimately be harmed.

According to the NYT report, the main problem invovles the longevity (or lack of it) for these all metal devices. Unlike most artificial hips, which should last for 15 years or so, an unacceptable high number of the metal-on-metal devices are only lasting a few years before needing replacement or revision. Considering the severity and invasiveness of the surgery, it is simply unacceptable for these high failure rates–the harm to the patients is too high.

Experts point out that some of the most obvious signs of problems are flexibility issues in the area, basic pain, or swelling. In all metal devices there is a concern that metallic particles might be released into the body. For this reason, it is important for those receiving these devices to determine if they have heightened levels of chromium or cobalt in the bloodstream. These various metallic releases come with a range of problems like infection and tissue breakdown.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the DePuy or Stryker hip recall, please take a moment to get in touch with the legal professionals at our firm to see how we can help. Timing is important in these cases, so be sure to reach out early so that your legal rights are preserved and respected.

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