Some hospitals resort to calling 911 to save their patients

Although most people would assume that a hospital would be able to handle a medical emergency, some hospitals may find the staff resorting to what you do in a crisis: call 911. This recently happened when a 44 year-old man developing breathing problems after a spine surgery. When the staff first realized that the man was in trouble, no physician was working. So, the staff called 911 and the man was taken to a nearby full-service hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later. The delay in treatment may have contributed to the 44 year-old’s death. This hospital is one of 140 in the nation owned and managed by doctors specializing in certain types of profitable procedures. These hospitals have been criticized for cherry-picking expensive and profitable procedures from full-service hospitals. As evidence by this incident, such specialization may end up harming patients in the long run.

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