Signs That You May Have a Legal Claim Following DePuy Hip Recall

The Chicago DePuy hip recall lawyers at our firm have often written about the problem with the Johnson & Johnson metal on metal hip designs. Many individuals in our area have been affected by these products. Since the DePuy hip recall officially took effect in the summer of 2010, more and more information has been released on the harm caused by the poorly designed product. The recall itself was mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after evidence overwhelmingly indicated that the devices in question failed at rates far higher than other hips and far higher than was acceptable. Victims of these problems are usually required to have risky revision surgery where the old device is removed and replaced. These surgeries are dangerous, costly, and can be painful for the victims. In addition, some victims had added problems caused by the release of metallic particles into their bloodstream. The metal-on-metal replacements sometimes allow small particles to flake off, entering the patient’s body and wreaking a range of damage.

Of course, considering the seriousness of these consequences, it is necessary for all those who even suspect that they may have been given one of these products to take reasonable steps to ensure that they are not at risk of future harm. Over the last year and half more and more people have learned that there was a recall, but many still are not 100% sure if their own hip is defective. To help in that awareness effort, we have compiled a short list of factors which may help residents learn if they were personally affected by the DePuy hip recall. The factors below are not conclusive, but are simply meant as a helpful guide to indicate whether or not you may need to seek out an attorney to protect your legal rights…

• Did you receive a hip implant after July 2003? The recalled hips were not used in surgeries before this time.

• Do you know if your replacement was an ASR XL Acetabular System or a DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing Platform? Most patients do not memorize the name of their device, but your doctor can explain the specific model of your hip replacement.

• Did you receive a recall notice explaining that your hip may have been included?

• Were you required to have revision surgery within five years of your first hip replacement? If so, it very well may be caused by a defect in the original replacement that you received.

• Are you experiencing pain in your hip, leg, lower back, or groin? It may be caused by hip problems.

• Does your replacement device exhibit any strange feelings or sounds? These may include clicking, crunching, or a dislocation feeling.

• Are you having general mobility problems or is it difficult to perform basic physical activities?

Each Chicago medical malpractice attorney at our firm that is working on these cases encourages all community members who have had a hip replacement to take the time to ensure that they are not unknowingly using a defective products. Many elderly individuals get these replacements, and it is often helpful for family members to take the initiative and remind their seniors loved ones of the need to check on their device’s reliability. If you discover that a DePuy hip was used, it is vital to get in touch with a legal professional as soon as feasible to ensure that your legal rights are respected. The large companies that caused these harmful products to be used are required to pay for the consequences of their mistakes.

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