Response to State of the Union Mention of Health Care “Reform”

Observers of this week’s State of the Union address by President Obama likely noted his mention of the need to improve the country’s medical system. The oration included reference to the recently passed comprehensive health care law. The President explained that he is always open to ideas to improve the legislation, regardless of what political party has the idea.

We continue to applaud the President for his efforts to implement the new health care law and improve the health of millions upon millions of Americans. However, it is unfortunate that the President used the occasion of the State of the Union to throw a bone to the oft-repeated talking point about medical malpractice “reform.” The facts simply do not support the claims that malpractice lawsuits are at the root of any major problem in the healthcare system.

As reported in Politics Daily, the American Association for Justice President Gibson Vance issued a response to President Obama’s inclusion of the misinformed claim. Vance explained again how more than 98,000 patients likely die each year because of medical errors. Those deaths represent a crisis that has not received nearly the recognition it deserves.

In this area, a main reason for the seeming acceptance of high levels of Illinois medical malpractice deaths is the distraction presented by the repetition of falsehoods about “dangerous lawsuits.”

Vance summarizes, “President Obama should direct his focus towards tackling this startling figure, not promoting efforts that could eliminate the legal rights of patients.”

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti stand by our commitment to ensuring that patient rights are protected. Medical mistakes often permanently injure and destroy the lives of innocent patients-those victims deserve the same legal protections afforded to all those who suffer because of negligent conduct. Our attorneys believe in the basic fairness of allowing our legal system to work as it should, with judges and juries hearing these disputes and deciding the appropriate course of action. A legislative decision that handcuffs the legal system’s ability to handle these cases does nothing but take away rights of suffering victims.

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