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Reducing Illinois Medical Malpractice Requires Fail-safe Systems

A Chicago medical malpractice lawyer knows that improving patient safety is a two part process. First, awareness has to be raised about the prevalence of mistakes in area hospitals. No improvements will be made if the public doesn’t understand that there is an actual problem. Second, protocols must be enacted at all medical facilities to actually tackle the problem and eliminate the errors.

A new article in RGJ News recently discussion the second questioned and explained how so many efforts to improve care is not as effective as it could be. The story explains how most medical errors are not the product of single incident dramatic mistakes but instead are caused by systematic problems-the way that some hospitals conduct ordinary business. The solution then should center on creating more opportunities to intercept serious mistakes within the system.

For example, one of the most common forms of medical mistake involves patient falls. Thus, lowering that prevalence of the accident requires creating system-wide safety changes at hospitals to ensure that these accidents are prevented. These changes may include better risk assessments for those who have a higher chance of falling. Those patients can then be properly identified so that staff members know which patients should not be left alone.

Hourly rounds, education of patient families of fall risks, bed alarms, and similar efforts are all important tools to combat the problem. Accountability and discussion about the issue remains key. As one nurse explained, “the more you talk about it and keep up awareness, the fewer falls you have.”

Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys know that limiting the number of complications from medical errors requires a drastic nationwide commitment to the effort. We hope that more victims of these errors come forward and seek accountability so that more pressure can be placed on those who have the power to enact system-wide improvements.

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