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Record $58.6 Million Verdict in Single Incident Medical Malpractice Case

Courant News reported yesterday on a record jury verdict in a case involving untimely cesarean section. The story explains how a family sued their obstetrician for providing them care below the standard of care to which they were entitled. Specifically the family alleged that the doctor did not perform a timely incision to relieve the upper uterine area on the birthing mother. This failure meant that there was no space for a traumatic delivery and ultimately meant that a vital cesarean section birth was delayed.

The delay had terrible ramifications on the child who was born with severe cerebral palsy and will need complex medical care throughout his entire life. He is unable to walk, talk, or eat, and is incontinent. He will forever need to be fed through a tube and use a wheelchair.

After hearing the evidence in the case the jury deliberated and decided in favor of the family for $58.6 million. It is unclear if the judge will let the award stand in that amount.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys have a wealth of experience representing families who have suffered similar errors. For example, in November of last year we settled a case for $6.5 million for a family who went through a traumatic ordeal involving an inexperienced medical resident who failed to notice various problems with the birth of a child. The baby’s head was too large to fit through the mother’s pelvis, but that was unnoticed. When a cesarean section was finally ordered for the birth, the anesthesiologist improperly anesthetized the mother, ultimately forcing her arms and legs to be held down while the incision was made. Following the mistakes the child, as in this case, suffered from cerebral palsy and will need on-going medical care for the rest of her life.

All mistakes of this sort have debilitating, life-long consequences for the poor victims caught in the crosshairs. When the medical professionals that you rely on fail to make basic decisions properly, than patients should hold them accountable for the mistakes and contact an Illinois medical malpractice lawyer to learn about their options.

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