Possible Medical Malpractice Lawsuit After Doctor Performs Eye Operation on Wrong Eye

ABC Local News reported last week on a medical mistake involving a 4-year old boy whose doctor performed an eye operation on the child’s wrong eye. . Wrong-site surgeries are some of the most egregious cases of medical error that a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer will ever see.

According to reports, the doctor performed a corrective surgery on the wrong eye, and then, without the parents consent, quickly operated on the correct eye. The surgery was intended to correct a wandering eye problem in the young child. It was only after several months of investigation and consultation that the family decided to have the surgery performed at all.

The specific surgery weakens the muscle on the bottom of the wandering eye, because it is the strength of the muscle which causes the wandering. However, the doctor weakened the muscle on the wrong eye. The family will have to wait at least 5 weeks until the eyes heal before the damage can be properly determined.

According the boy’s mother, while waiting for the surgery to be completed, a nurse came out unexpectedly and told her that they were operating on both eyes. No explanation was given and the mother was not able to ask any questions. It was only later that she discovered what had happened. The mother explains that “no parent, no child, nobody should have to live through the torture of that day.”

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti work with many families who have gone through similar horrific examples of medical errors. There is simply no excuse for such an egregious error. Common sense dictates that the most basic mistake-like knowing which body part requires surgery-should never be made under any circumstances. Yet these mistakes do happen with more frequency than many are aware. If you ever find yourself in a situation where medical experts may have made a drastic mistake, please contact our Illinois personal injury attorneys and learn what can be done.

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