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Podiatry Mistake Leads to Malpractice Lawsuit

A man has filed a lawsuit in Cook County alleging medical malpractice on the part of his podiatrist. The man had implanted joints in his feet, which had loosened, causing pain. The podiatrist removed the implants but did not replace them with a stabilizing mechanism. As a result of the botched surgery, the man suffered foot and ankle pain along with limited mobility. The initial problem, degenerative disease, should not have originally been treated with a surgical implant because it is not recommended for this type of use. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000.

Degenerative Disease
Degenerative disease is also known as osteoarthritis. This disease commonly affects joints in the body and can be very painful and debilitating. It often impacts the feet, due in part to the constant wear and tear over time. The joints in the feet as well as the ankles may swell and become stiff and difficult to move. The typical treatment for this problem includes medications, physical therapy, orthotics, and weight reduction. In this case, the man claims that the podiatrist should not have performed implant surgery and as a result, the man’s condition worsened. In fact, the surgery left him with persistent foot pain and a loss of mobility.

Medical Errors Happen Often
Medical mistakes happen all too often. According to the CDC, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Medical mistakes, also known as medical malpractice, usually occur due to human error. Doctors and medical professionals are required to provide a standard of care. When they fail to do so and the patient is harmed, it may be considered medical malpractice. Those who have been seriously injured, as in this case, may seek damages that include current and future medical expenses, money for pain and suffering, lost wages, and legal fees, among others.

Medical Malpractice
In this case, the lawsuit states that the podiatrist performed surgery to replace the foot joint but says that the surgery should never have been done. The man suffered for a number of years before the device completely failed and caused significantly more pain. The man now has limited mobility which was caused, according to the lawsuit, by the negligent medical care he was given. Medical malpractice can happen at any time or place. It is difficult to prevent medical malpractice from occurring. In this instance, a second opinion may have provided a different recommended method of treatment. However, that did not occur and the podiatrist has been sued to recover the money spent due to negligent actions.

How an Attorney Will Help
Sometimes an injured person or his family may not know that a medical mistake was made. In these instances, an attorney will assist by examining the situation and determining exactly how the injury occurred. Medical malpractice cases can be complex but it is important to get the money you are owed for the negligence of a doctor. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured because of a doctor’s negligence, contact the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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