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Pharmacist Dispensed Wrong Medication Causing Allergic Reaction

Pharmacists and pharmacy professionals are expected to provide us with medical guidance based on their expertise and training. In one recent case, a serious mistake was made and it caused a man to experience an allergic reaction. The man has filed a lawsuit in cook County seeking damages of more than $50,000. The lawsuit names the pharmacist as well as Elsdon Medical Pharmacy, where he worked. According to the lawsuit, the man suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result of the negligence.

Medication Mistakes

Medication mistakes are very common. In fact, medication errors are among the most common type of medical malpractice that occurs in the United States. Medical mistakes, including errors in medication, account for thousands of injuries and deaths every year. In this case, the man alleges that the pharmacy dispensed medication that contained sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, an antibiotic, however, he was allergic to it. The pharmacist was negligent by providing the wrong medication thus causing his severe medical reaction.

Severe Allergic Reaction

After taking the medication dispensed by the pharmacist, the man suffered a very severe allergic reaction. He was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a mild case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome along with acute renal failure. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a disorder of the skin and mucous membranes, usually caused by an allergy to medication or by infection. The skin is painful and red and may contain blisters. It may take days or weeks to resolve, depending on the severity. Treatment includes determining the cause of the rash so that it can be stopped. The man subsequently went into total renal failure which was brought on initially by the allergic reaction to sulfa in the medication.

Pharmacists Must Provide Proper Care

Pharmacists, like medical doctors, are required to provide a high level of care to patients. If a mistake is made the pharmacist is held accountable for the resulting injury. When a serious injury occurs because of a mistake it is considered medical malpractice. Sometimes the mistake does not cause any serious harm, however, in this case, the man suffered a quite severe reaction that caused permanent injury. Allergic reactions can be harmful and may even cause death in some instances. Medication errors include such things as providing the wrong medication, the incorrect dosage, or the improper administration, to name a few.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The man in this case has likely acquired a large hospital bill because of the mistake. He will require ongoing treatment for renal failure which could include costly dialysis treatments and surgery. Had it not been for the mistake of the pharmacist, the man would not have these expenses. Additionally, the man may be entitled to money for pain and suffering as well as for loss of a normal lifestyle and legal fees. Many cases are settled outside of court while others require a trial. Victims of medical malpractice and their families are entitled to money for the damages they incurred because of the mistake. If you or a loved one were seriously harmed because of medical malpractice, contact the experienced attorneys at Levin & Perconti today.

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