Paxil linked to Birth Defects

Following revelations that GlaxoSmithKline misrepresented the suicide risk associated with Paxil, an antidepressant, a recent study has concluded that the drug may also double the risk of congenital malformations in newborns. This study follows the release of information that taking Paxil may lead to an 8 times greater risk of suicide. The company had previously artificially reduced the risk of suicide by improperly counting patients who took placebos.

Similarly, women who took Paxil while pregnant and gave birth to babies with severe birth defects are outraged believing that GlaxoSmithKline may once again have misrepresented the dangers of their drug. Many of these women argue that if they had been properly informed about the risk of birth defects, they likely would not have taken Paxil during their first trimester.

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