Patient Awarded $1.9 million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A Virginia woman will be awarded nearly $2 million following a jury verdict which found her gynecologist guilty of medical malpractice reports the Winchester Star.

Thirty nine year old Shannon Taylor had a hysterectomy performed at the Winchester Medical Center operation room by Dr. Katherine Averill. The procedure is supposed to involve the simple removal a woman’s uterus. However, Dr. Averill made several mistakes during the operation, lacerating Ms. Taylor’s rectum and placing sutures connecting her vagina to her rectum.

Ms. Taylor began to experience rectal bleeding upon returning home from the surgery. When the mistakes were eventually discovered several surgeries and a colonoscopy were needed to fix the problem. But that wasn’t all. Ms. Taylor’s abdomen had been operated on in half a dozen occasions by the time all of these surgeries had been completed. The repeated abdominal surgeries eventually led to her suffering a hernia, which required even more medical care to correct.

On top of all the medical complications, Ms. Taylor eventually had to leave her job because she required so much medical attention. So often in medical malpractice cases like this, the health problems caused by the medical mistakes are only half the story. Personal and professional lives are often destroyed by the errors.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand the medical errors affect all areas of a victim’s life. From medical bills and lost wages to strains on relationships, the consequences of these mistakes are far reaching. Our lawyers are committed to pursuing all avenues to fully compensate the losses caused by these grievous healthcare errors.

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