Panel States that Medical Malpractice not to Blame for Rising Health Costs

A panel of academics has stated that curbing medical malpractice litigation isn’t the “silver bullet” that’s needed to stop rising health care costs. One scholar stated that “Health polity myths become convenient truths.” One speaker mentioned that medical malpractice accounted for “a small and steady fraction” of health care costs, 2 to 3 percent at most, and couldn’t be blamed for the continuing increase in those costs. A professor of law and economics stated those medical malpractice torts reforms do not work as well as the proponents contend they do. He cited studies which spanned four decades stating that there was only meager costs savings as a result of restricting medical malpractice litigation. The panel ultimately decided that tort reform is not the magical solution to the problems of our health care system. To read more about the panel discussion, please click the link.

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