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Ortho Evra Patch Creates Problems in Woman

A young woman who decided to wear the Ortho Evra patch to control her migraines ended up in the emergency room with a 8 inch cerebral venous thrombosis. This thrombosis was in the crown of her head and went all the way down and wrapped around the right side of the jugular vein. Her doctor believed that since she had no clotting factors the only cause of her blood clot could be the Ortho Evra patch. Six months after the blood clot was discovered it was still in the young woman and she was on two kinds of blood thinners. After this medical malpractice incident the woman found other woman who had similar problems with the patch. There were two people who had died, one woman in the ICU and one woman who had a stroke. This medical malpractice case is a grave example of how a medical product can cause horrible problems. To read the full story, click here.

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