Newborn Baby Accidentally Given Morphine

Justice News Flash is reporting on a recent egregious medical mistake out of Mission Viejo, California.

Jessica Blischke gave birth to premature triplets in a Caesarean section pregnancy at a local hospital in early April last year. To ease her physical pain following the complex pregnancy, Blischke was prescribed morphine. However, for reasons still unclear, the medical professionals somehow switched Blischke’s IV with the IV of one of her newly born infants, Taylee. Instead of the mother receiving the strong pain medication, 4 milligrams of morphine were actually deposited into the veins of the premature infant. Taylee’s heartbeat immediately dropped to dangerous levels following the medical error. Doctor’s were forced to rush to incubate her so that her body could return to normal breathing levels.

Following the incident doctors were clueless as to the cause of Taylee’s sudden heartbeat drop. Tests were performed which revealed the presence of opiates in the newborn’s system, but that still was not enough to convince the doctor that a mistake had been made. In fact, the local doctor had the gall to suggest that Blischke herself must have done something to the newborn to create the problem.

Eventually the truth was revealed when the opiate levels in Taylee’s body were compared to that of her two sisters-each of whom had no opiates at all.

The state department of health eventually fined the hospital $50,000 when they became aware of the mistake. Blischke has also retained counsel and has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital.

Medical errors that affect newborn children are often the most emotional and costly mistakes a healthcare provider makes. Young children are the most helpless patients in any hospital-they cannot ask questions and are entirely dependent on the medical professional to receive proper care. Also, their bodies are less developed and therefore more prone to complications following medical errors. No medical mistake that harms a newborn should be tolerated.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti have decades of experience helping the families of newborns protect their legal rights and receive necessary redress for the errors. If you or someone you know has similarly suffered, please contact our offices today.

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