New Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Involving Failure to Diagnose Cancer

The Madison-St. Clair Record is reporting on a new Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit involving an issue with which our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers are very familiar. A woman with breast cancer has filed suit against her former doctors alleging that they failed to timely diagnose her cancer. The delay in diagnosis has had serious adverse effects on her ultimate prognosis, she claims.

Two doctors, one from a southern Illinois medical groups and another from a radiology group, were named as defendants in the suit. At the heart of the suit are allegations that the doctors misread a mammogram that the woman had received and failed to order a follow-up sonogram which would have identified the breast cancer. The medical mistakes allegedly took place over ten years ago in April of 2001. The complaint filed in the suit argues that the mammogram misreading and failure to order a sonogram led directly to the failure to diagnose cancer which itself has had disastrous consequences on the woman’s life.

Specifically the woman is alleging that the delay had caused her to suffer pain, disfigurement, mental anguish, lost wages, and significant medical costs. The lawsuit seeks accountability on the part of the doctors and redress to help the woman recover her losses caused by those alleged errors.

Failure to diagnose cancer cases are some of the most heart-breaking cases involving unreasonable care being provided to patients. As most readers likely know, cancer of all kinds essentially involves unregulated cell growth. Over time, cells divide and grow inside the body uncontrollably. In this way they form malignant tumors with a wide range of health problems as they invade other parts of the body.

As explained by Pub Med Health, in many cases the cancer can spread to other parts of the body via one’s bloodstream to lymphatic system. Of course the more cell growth and the more spreading of cancer cells leads to more severe health problems and ultimately worse prognosis. That is exactly why timing is so important in these cases-the earlier cancer is caught before it grows and spreads, the more likely it might be able to be eliminated in the body altogether.

Various treatment options exist for cancer patients, depending on the specifics of their case. Isolated cancers often can be handled with surgery, where surgeons try to remove the entire mass. Many other options also exist, including chemotherapy and radiation.

Each Chicago medical malpractice lawyer at our firm has worked on cases exactly like the one discussed in this case, involving failure to identify cancer early-on. We are intimately familiar with the serious consequences of these diagnosis errors-particularly when cancer is involved. Patients who go to a medical professional for tests like mammograms or with other complaints, they have a reasonable expectation that their medical providers will act reasonably and identify cancer if it exists. When the cancer is not identified, then Illinois medical malpractice may have occurred. It is vital for those hurt in this way to ensure full accountability by visit with legal professionals.

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