New Illinois Law Mandates Infection Data Be Listed on Death Certificates

To remain abreast of changes in law that may affect the rights of injured victims, it is important for an Illinois medical malpractice lawyer to closely follow the activities of our state lawmakers in Springfield. Paying attention to potential legislation also allows us to be aware of potential bills that would have dangerous effects on the rights of those injured by the mistakes of their medical providers.

One bill recently passed the Illinois General Assembly which acts as important improvement for open and honest information about the passing of our loved ones. HB1658 amends the Vital Records Act and adds new requirements upon those responsible for filling out the medical certification or cause of death on a death certificate. Specifically the individual must now note if methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), clostridium difficile, or similar infections was a contributing factor or cause of death for the deceased.

Blog readers know that MRSA is an especially common form of deadly infection that arises in hospitals and nursing homes. Patients that have open wounds, are forced to use invasive medical devices, and have weakened immune systems-like hospital patients and nursing home residents-are most at risk for developing these infections. They are also the most likely to suffer severe consequences from those infections, including death.

It remains imperative for all those assisting these at-risk individuals to do everything in their power to prevent these dangerous infections. Often simple steps is all that is required to prevent the spread of these damaging problems-like proper hand washing to eliminate risk of infection spread.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Peconti know that it remains important that proper information about the cause of death and total amount of infection deaths be traced by local officials. In this way, an adequate amount of attention can be placed on eliminating these damaging and preventable problems.

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