Negligent Care in Hospital Caused Death, Lawsuit

A malpractice lawsuit filed in Cook County alleges that negligent care at a Chicago hospital caused the death of a man in 2013. According to the lawsuit, the man underwent triple bypass surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. After surgery, the man was utilizing an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine (EMCO) which supplies oxygen directly into the femoral artery. In order to prevent bedsores, the man required regular turning which was performed by hospital staff. The EMCO became dislodged due to turning the man, causing him to suffer massive blood loss and ultimately death.

Negligent Care at Hospitals
Negligent care by a doctor or medical professional is also called medical malpractice. Proper care is expected when someone is a patient at a hospital. In this case, the care providers were negligent because they did not use proper care when turning the man and did not ensure that the EMCO device was still in place after moving him. Further, the lawsuit in this case indicates that the providers did not observe the man’s vital signs, and they were not notated on the man’s chart. Had the caregivers noticed that the man was bleeding medical action could have prevented his death. The man’s death in this instance was clearly caused directly by the substantial blood loss.

Post-Surgery Care
While it is essential for heart surgery to be completed successfully, the patient now requires a path of recovery. Some patients require more advanced care techniques than others. In this case, the man required the use of a EMCO unit. The device is designed to help patients reduce fluid in the body to reduce the effects of heart failure. It is often used to assist patients for a time after surgery to improve recovery times and likelihood. Since the connection is directly through an artery, improper removal could cause massive blood loss in a short length of time. Hospital nurses and other staff are required to provide high quality care after surgery. According to the lawsuit paperwork, that did not occur in this instance.

Medical Mistakes – The Third Leading Cause of Death
In the United States, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death, just behind cancer and heart disease. An astounding 400,000 people die in the U.S. each year due to medical mistakes. Yet this cause of death is completely preventable. Hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other caregivers must be properly trained and are responsible to ensure that patients are given the care they require. Most people feel that they are safe from harm while they are patients in a hospital. Yet, that is certainly not true.

Preventing medical mistakes from occurring is the responsibility of the hospitals and care facilities and indeed the people whose job it is to care for patients. If you or a loved one suffered serious injury or died as a result of medical malpractice you may be entitled to compensation for damages. This lawsuit requests damages of more than $50,000 to cover medical expenses, and for the grief and sorrow suffered by loved ones after the man’s death. If you are the victim of negligent care contact the experienced attorneys at Levin & Perconti for a consultation.

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