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Negligent Hospital Staff Blamed for Improper Care

The parents of a girl have filed a lawsuit alleging negligent care is responsible for her injuries. According to the lawsuit, while the girl was hospitalized improper medical care was provided and she suffered inadequate nutrition as a result. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against the University of Chicago Medical Center requesting damages of more than $50,000 citing negligence in her care.

Inadequate Medical Care

Hospitals and other care facilities are required to provide proper treatment and supervision to patients under their care. This was not the case for the young victim in this instance. The girl was supposed to have nutrition lines surgically placed. The lines were to provide sustenance. However, the lines were not properly placed and the girl suffered injuries as a result. Further, the staff members failed to recognize the problem and so she was not being adequately nourished.

Failure to Provide Proper Nutrition

When patients are experiencing some types of medical treatments or are suffering from some illnesses they may require intravenous feeding as was the girl in this case. Since the lines were not placed properly she was not receiving adequate nutrition. When the body becomes malnourished the organs can be damaged and may even begin to shut down. Some damage may be irreversible.

Improper Supervision

Hospital patients rely on the care of staff members for all of their needs. The girl in this case was not receiving the nutrition she required but the staff did not immediately notice the problem. Improper supervision resulted in her medical decline. Rather than assisting to improve her condition, the staff did not note that she was essentially being starved. Improper care that results in serious injuries may be considered negligent.

Negligent Care in Hospitals

Hospitals may not provide the quality care for a variety of reasons. One of the most common problems is inadequate staffing. When there are not enough staff members to tend to the needs of patients, mistakes may be made. It is possible that caregivers fail to properly monitor patients who are in need of their care. Mistakes made by medical personnel accounts for a large number of injuries and deaths each year in the United States. Errors may be made during the diagnosis, treatment, or care of patients.

Resolving Medical Negligence Cases

When a medical mistake or inadequate care causes serious harm to someone it is negligence. Those who are victims of negligent medical care or medical malpractice are entitled to money to pay for the resulting medical bills, future costs, and any punitive damages such as pain and suffering. The parents in this case filed the lawsuit on behalf of their daughter who is a minor. Lawsuits such as this one may be settled or they may proceed to court. An experienced attorney will help the victim’s family receive adequate compensation for the injuries that were caused by the injuries.

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