Much Reform Needed Before Patient Safety Improves

The Las Vegas Sun recently profiled a Chicago doctor who is going against the grain and taking a stand for the improvement of patient safety. For many doctors, news of a medical error begins a process of cover-ups, legal stonewalling, and excuses. However, some brave physicians take responsibility for the errors, seek to provide relief to the victims, and attempt to learn from the occurrence so that future victims are spared.

The newspaper profile here explains how the doctor is working to properly handle mistakes. Part of that proper handling involves hospitals proactively launching investigations while keeping the patient abreast of all developments. It also involves changing protocol so that whatever steps led to the original error is not repeated. Unfortunately far too many doctors and hospitals fail to follow this plan. Instead, the motto “it is a mistake to admit a mistake” remains alive and well.

Part of the difficulty in changing the medical mindset around mistakes rests in generational differences. Many of the older doctors who currently sit atop the food chain of medical hierarchies have been trained in the older model which encourages doctors not to admit mistakes. Overall, the new approach both helps improve the relationship between the patient and the doctor but also works to improve patient safety overall.

Our Chicago malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti applaud all medical professionals who are proactive in their efforts to improve patient safety. Those actions ultimately save lives and improve the perception of the medical system among all patients. However, much work remains before we will obtain a medical system that honestly takes all possible steps to ensure patients receive the best care possible. Until that day arrives, it is vital that all victims and their families contact malpractice attorneys to ensure that their legal rights are protected.

Click Here to read more about the steps currently being taken to improve patient safety at hospitals across the country.

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