Mother Shares Medical Malpractice Heartbreak of Surgical Error & Losing Daughter

Each individual case of Illinois medical malpractice leaves a trail of victims far beyond the one actually hurt by the medical negligence. Every Chicago medical malpractice lawyer at our firm is aware of the most recent Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics which show that as many as 90,000 patients die each year because of various forms of medical errors. Many more are severely injured. Those statistics alone are quite shocking. However, even they do not do justice to the true scope of the problem. To fully understand the effect that these incidents have one must remember those whom the victim leaves behind. The mother who never thought she would outlive her son; a daughter who has to grow up knowing that her father will not be able to walk her down the aisle; or a husband who provides around-the-clock care to a wife who was permanently injured by a preventable medical error. For every single error there are dozens of people affected.

North Jersey News recently published a story that touches on the ripples that affect virtually all of us in one way or another because of preventable medical mistakes. The article shares the story of one mother who lost her daughter because of medical malpractice. The mother explained that she had just recently enjoyed a wedding with her 23-year old daughter. A few days later the daughter was scheduled to go in for what was supposed to be routine gallbladder surgery.

The surgery first became an option after the mother drove her daughter to the emergency room after she was complaining of abdominal pain. However, after being sent home the woman fell ill in the bathroom as was rushed based to the emergency room. It was there that the doctor recommended gallbladder surgery. The mother explained that the doctor told her that the procedure was supposed to take only 45 minutes. When talking with the daughter about whether the operation should be performed, the doctor noted that the procedure was simple, didn’t involve many risks, and that it was logical to have it performed. On that advice, the daughter went in for the operation.

She would not make it out of the hospital alive.

As the hours ticked by with the girl’s parents waiting, they soon began to get worried. Eventually, five hours later a doctor come out and told the parents that her daughter had been injured and lost blood but that she was young and would likely be able to produce her own blood. The mother was able to see her daughter who at first seemed fine. However, her condition soon grew worse. The mother explained that as she was holding her daughter’s hand she called for a nurse when she noticed that something looked wrong. A nurse came, no pulse was found, and the mother was asked to step out of the room. The professionals were unable to revive the daughter, and she died shortly after.

According to arguments made by the medical malpractice attorney in a subsequent legal case, the lead surgeon mistakenly caused an injury to the vessels supplying blood to the woman’s liver during the procedure. Post-operative tests revealed the blood problem. Had doctors attempted to tackle the issue as soon as the results were revealed, then the woman could have been saved. However, the results of the post-operative test were not revealed to anyone in time.

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