More Surgical Errors Occur At Teaching Hospitals

If you ask an experienced Chicago medical malpractice lawyer they are likely to tell you that at one point or another they have worked with a victim who was injured at a teaching hospital. These facilities are the locations where doctors in training work with patients as part of their medical education. Of course, these inexperienced doctors are supposed to always be under the close supervision of experience physicians who ensure that no mistakes are made that place the patient at risk.

Of the roughly 5,000 hospitals nationwide, one fifth of them are teaching hospitals where novice doctors learn the ropes of being a practicing physician. However, there remain many questions about the actual supervision provided to young doctors at these hospitals. A story published by Reuters this week adds even more questions about the medical safety of care of these facilities, particular related to surgical errors. The new research published in the upcoming issue of the Annals of Surgery report an increase risk of death to patients who have emergency surgery performed at a teaching hospital as opposed to a non-teaching hospital.

The researchers used data from a six year period involving a massive data set that included twenty percent of all hospitals in the entire country. The findings showed that the chance of a patient dying at a teaching hospital was 20% higher after having emergency surgery at a teaching hospital as opposed to a non-teaching hospital.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti have represented several victims of poor medical care at training hospitals. There is no excuse for an innocent patient to be severely injured or killed because a new doctor made a mistake that should have been caught by his or her supervising physician. No patients give up their right to quality care if they are brought to a teaching hospital. The same standards apply, and professionals at all hospitals can be held accountable for the work that they do and the results that follow.

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