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More Hospital Lawsuits Filed After Unnecessary Heart Stent Implants

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review shared the story yesterday of medical malpractice of two cardiologists who unnecessarily put patients through the arduous task of getting a stent implant.

Two more medical malpractice lawsuits were filed against the doctors this week, bringing the total suit count up to 21. Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital, the facility where the two negligent doctors worked, apparently acknowledged that the some coronary stents implanted in the hearts of these patients may not have been medically necessary.

Last month the hospital sent letters to 141 patients informing them of the problem. The correspondence explained that a closer look at their tests revealed that their hearts may not have had enough blockage in their arteries to warrant a stent-the tiny metal device used to keep the arteries open. It appears that a drive for profit was the main motivation of the negligent doctors.

The unnecessary implantation constitutes a clear example of medical malpractice. The stents costs patients $10,000 or more, require risky surgery, and place patients at increased risk for a variety of other problems. The doctors in this case was caught implanting hundreds unnecessarily, but experts believe that wasteful stent procedures are a nationwide problem. For those reasons, it is obviously not an operation that a patient would undergo unless medically necessary.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti have been following as this story developed over the past few months with shock and disgust. In our decades of experience fighting for medical victims, we have come to understand the extreme pain, stress, anxiety, and worry that come with all medical procedures. It is unconscionable that medical professionals would force hundreds of patients to go through that process unnecessarily.

Please contact an Illinois injury attorney if you or a loved one may have fallen victim to this sort of profit driven care.

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