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Meningitis Outbreak Grows; First Diagnosis in Illinois

Unfortunately, more news is coming out regarding the meningitis outbreak that has plagued dozens of state, including Illinois, and that news is discouraging. According to recent report over the weekend from NBC News, the total infected count has risen to 197. In addition, yet another patient who developed the fungal meningitis has died, raising the death count to 15. Also, for the first time there has been a reported meningitis case in Illinois. This is yet another reminder of the need for all local residents and their families to be incredibly vigilant about this situation to ensure full and proper treatment is received if necessary.

Slow Growth
According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the problem has been traced to at lease three batches of spinal steroids at a compounding plant in New England. The vials were delivered to at least 23 states (including Illinois), though cases of meningitis have thus far only been reported in 13 of those states. The contaminated steroid were apparently used between mid-summer and September of this year.

The CDC is quick to note, however, that they expect more cases to pop up because the fungal meningitis is often slow to develop, and the symptoms (at first) are quite subtle. This poses a dangerous problem, because many residents who developed the condition might not realize their predicament until weeks or even months later. This is likely why the problem might have started months ago is still leading to new cases today.

So what are those symptoms? The CDC explains that the most common symptoms include headache, stiff neck, fever, skin problems near the site of the injection, slurred speech, dizziness, and overall physical weakness. Importantly, you do not need to show each every one of these signs–even a few might be strong indicators of the fungal meningitis.

Where in Illinois?
According to the Illinois Department of Pubic Health, at least three pain clinics in our area gave out the tainted spinal steroid injections to patients over the past few months. All those who might have received the injections should act quickly to ensure their medical safety. Those three centers include the APAC in Lincoln Park, the APAC facility in Westchester, and Chicago’s Thorek Memorial Hospital.

Legal Help for Meningitis Outbreak in Illinois
The attorneys at our firm continue to investigate the details of this incident and are working with local residents who may have been infected. If you or someone you know may have developed meningitis as a result of these contaminated vials, the most important thing to do is ensure you receive quick and proper medical care. In addition, it is critical to get in touch with legal professionals to ensure your rights are protected.

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