Medical Malpractice Verdict Following Severe Abortion Complications

Virtually every time that a patient visits a medical provider of any kind, the potential for medical malpractice exists. This is obviously true in more risky procedures, like surgery, but it is also true in seemingly innocuous circumstances. Routine check-ups can be the site of damaging mistakes if clear warnings signs and symptoms are not correctly interpreted by doctors. Picking up medicine can even be deadly if those involved failed to provide the correct medication in the correct amount.

One medical procedure that is often not discussed in the context of medical malpractice is abortion. Obviously the issue riles up strong feelings among many community members, some believing the practice should be legal while others arguing that it should not be allowed. The political battles over the issue-something that has been ongoing for decades-usually overshadows any consideration of the actual medical procedure itself. Like all procedures, it comes with various risks and potential harm to the mother. Also like all other procedures, when the involved medical professionals make mistakes or fail to act reasonably, then the chance of harm is high. Each Chicago medical malpractice lawyer at our firm believes strongly in the rights of all victims of inadequate medical procedures to receive redress for their losses and to demand accountability. That is true in these cases just like all others.

Just this week the Clarion Ledger reported on the end of a medical malpractice case filed by a husband and wife after the wife experienced significant harm following errors during an abortion. The suit was filed against the involved doctor, a women’s health organization clinic, and others. During the procedure the doctor actually stopped work in the middle. He told the couple to come back later for it to be completed. In the interim, he did not recommend antibiotics be taken by the mother. As a result, it wasn’t long before the woman began cramping up, bleeding, becoming feverish and sick. The problem led to sepsis poisoning, throwing the mother into a week-long coma.

No representative from the clinic or the involved doctors actually responded to the suit or continued along in any way. As a result, the court eventually awarded the family a default judgment. The court ruled in favor of the family for a total of roughly $600,000. In a default judgment the court assumes that all of the factual allegations are presumed true.

Each Chicago medical malpractice attorney working with us knows that default judgments are actually rare. They only arise when the opponents simply fail to defend a case at all. In those circumstances it usually means that the defendants have no defense and the business in which they were involved is on the way out. Unfortunately, in these cases it is sometimes tough to actually collect even after an award has been granted. In this case the medical clinic is under different ownership, and they will undoubtedly argue that they are not liable to pay the claim. Instead, the individual doctor and old, perhaps dissolved, company may need to be tracked down before actual relief is provided.

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