Medical Malpractice Suit Filed For Ignoring Pre-Existing Conditions

WSVN News posted a story this week on a tragic medical malpractice case filed by a man who claims that mistakes by his medical team left him deformed. The plaintiff in the case is a former South Florida man who claims that errors made by his surgeon during a penile implant surgery left him without male genitalia. The story is a scary one for all men who are considering these types of procedures that are growing in popularity.

The Case
The man went in for the elective surgery in August of 2007. Complications developed during the procedure which led to the development of severe gangrene. Eventually the man’s penis had to be amputated. Obviously this situation has had severe consequences on the man’s life. He has urination problems and can no longer have sexual relations with his wife. The sensitive amputation has also had a mental and psychological toll on the medical malpractice victim. Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at our firm understand the sensitive nature of many of these cases. At the end of the day the law is clear: compensation must be provided when medical negligence occurs that causes harm to a patient.

The Argument
The plaintiff’s main argument in the case-which is in the middle of trial-is that the anesthesiologist who worked on the surgery and gave the go-ahead for the procedure should never have allowed the man to have the operation performed. That is because the plaintiff had an extreme case of diabetes. On the day of the surgery his blood sugar levels were too high and his blood pressure was too high. The suit claims that the doctor did not properly evaluate the patient’s safety risks. If he had done so, the surgery would never have been performed on that day and the man wouldn’t have been injured.

During the trial the medical malpractice lawyer representing the man claimed that money may have been at the bottom of the error. The doctor in question owned the company that provided the anesthesia, besides clearing the man for the operation. In other words, instead of carefully ensuring that the patient could have the operation safely at that time, the doctor may have given a blanket green light because of the profit he stood to gain from the procedure. Each Illinois medical malpractice lawyer at our firm understands the conflicts that often exist in the medical profession when doctors are paid by the quantity of services that they perform.

Elective Surgery Errors
Unfortunately, mistakes made during elective surgeries are not uncommon. We have previously reported on the serious problems with some doctors who begin performing these procedures even though they do not have special training in these areas. It is important to be particularly careful when selecting a medical professional to perform these operations, including procedures like breast implants, face lifts, liposuction, and gastric bypass surgery. Many professionals perform these operations according to proper standards of care, but some cut corners in their quest for profits, leaving injured patients in their wake.

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