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Medical Malpractice Reform Savings would be Small

Medical malpractice reform is unlikely to cut healthcare spending significantly. The Congressional Budget Office found that the savings of medical malpractice reform would only be approximately 0.5% or $11 billion a year at the current level. This is far lower than advocates had estimated. The study shows that enacting a cap on pain-and-suffering and punitive damages, changing liability laws and tightening the statute of limitations on malpractice claims would only lower healthcare by approximately 1% each year. This figure is far lower than estimates by groups that are currently backing malpractice reform. They claim that the reform would save taxpayers somewhere between $100 billion and $200 billion dollars. Since restricting patient’s rights would not result in great savings, medial malpractice reform should be reviewed. To read more about the congressional report, please click the link.

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