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Medical Malpractice Occurs Outside of the Hospital

Medical malpractice runs on a wide spectrum. While most people correctly assume that it applies towards doctors and hospitals, medical malpractice suits can also protect those from medical professionals, such as dentists or nurses, who have a responsibility to take care of the people that they are treating. A particularly troubling phenomenon involves the abuse and neglect of the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Nursing Home Abuse & Illinois Politics

Elder abuse is, unfortunately, not a rare phenomenon. Stories abound of individuals harmed in many different settings, from traditional nursing homes to assisted living facilities. The root causes of this mistreatment vary, but finances are usually a factor. These entities are private businesses, and owners and operators are frequently willing to go to great lengths to increase their bottom.

The role of money and nursing home care is It is also playing a role in the upcoming Illinois gubernatorial race. According to the Chicago Tribune, Bruce Rauner, a gubernatorial candidate in the Republican primary, is having difficulty answering questions regarding his business dealings with nursing homes. Mr. Rauner’s private equity firm, GTCR, invested in several nursing homes in which people died. There have been a half-dozen lawsuits concerning nursing home abuse and patient-neglect cases regarding GTCR. While the specific role that Mr. Rauner may have played is unknown, the abuse of those in nursing homes is a serious problem.

The Prevalence of Illinois Elder Neglect

Because nursing homes tend to involve the elderly and/or sick, there is a likelihood that people believe that those who died were simply at the end of their life. However, abuse and mistreatment of those in nursing homes is not an isolated situation.

According to ABC News, a study of the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee determined that 30 percent of United States nursing homes had perpetrated nearly 9,000 acts of abuse from January 1999 to January 2001. While the study took place more than a decade ago, it speaks to the lack of protection for those in nursing homes. As the previous articles regarding Oklahoma nursing homes and Mr. Rauner establish, the abuse of the elderly in nursing homes is not a phenomenon that has dissipated within the last decade. It is important to conduct due diligence in regard to the factors that may have led to health problems or the deaths of loved ones in nursing homes.

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