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Medical Malpractice Occurs All Too Frequently In Cosmetic Surgery

A new story in USA Today discussed a topic with which our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers are well aware: the dangers of having negligent doctors perform cosmetic surgery. As with any medical provider, when the physician running the operation is not properly trained, makes critical mistakes, or fails to notice warnings signs of complications, then trouble can develop. When surgery is involved, those problems can often be deadly.

For example, the article shared the story of one 32-year old mother of six who went in to see a surgeon that she had learned about through an advertisement. She was supposed to have minor liposuction. The procedure was marketed as a safe way to lose weight through surgery. However, after the procedure the woman did not feel well, so she went to sleep at home on her living room couch. She eventually slept on the couch all night. It wasn’t until the next morning that her husband discovered that she was not breathing. The woman had died.

The family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit following the accident. Upon further investigation it was learned that the woman had died of an overdose of the painkiller known as lidocaine. Another plastic surgeon who has reviewed the material in the case explained that there was so much lidocaine in the woman’s system that the doctor who administered it must have had “a basic misunderstanding of the principles of pharmacology and patient safety.” In fact the surgeon involved in the lidocaine overdose case lost another patient not long before. The 38-year old woman in that case died of cardiac arrest while undergoing a liposuction and fat-transfer procedure performed by the surgeon.

In addition, it has since been learned that the doctor who performed the lipsuction is one of a growing number of doctors who are trained in one medical specialty only to branch out into cosmetic surgery-a lucrative endeavor for some. Many states have lax training requirements for doctors performed cosmetic surgeries because they are often defined as “office-based” surgeries. That means that some doctors are doing so only after weekend training sessions. As one might expect, the results of these inadequate regulations and fly-by-night plastic surgeons can be disastrous.

Some experts who work with victims of these cases explain that they generally see new individuals come in every day who have been hurt by surgeons who were not board-certified an botching plastic surgeries. All those considering these surgical options must be vigilant about the quality of doctor that they seek out.

All of the Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand the risks that are involved every time that a patient is put under for surgery. As with any medical procedure there always remains at least a small chance that something may go wrong even when the medical providers act with reasonable care at all times. However, when something goes wrong that could (and should) have been prevented by following proper medical standards, then the victims and their family have a right to seek redress. Please consider getting in contact with our office to learn more if you believe that you or a loved one may have fallen victim to an Illinois surgical error.

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