Medical Malpractice Lawsuit filed in Patient’s Death

A relative of a woman who died after falling from her bed in a hospital has sued the hospital operations, accusing them of being negligent, careless, and contributing to the victim’s death. The 83-year-old woman died a few months after she suffered a fall from her bed. The woman was admitted to the emergency room with concerns of lethargy, difficult speech and the possibility of an acute cerebrovascular accident. After she was evaluated she was moved to the intensive care unit. The night after she was admitted into the hospital, she fell from her bed. The resulting fall caused a deep cut to her forearm, severe bruising, a hematoma and a cut to her head. The medical malpractice lawsuit states that the fall may have either exacerbated the cerebrovascular accident for which Mary was originally treated, or contributed to a new one. She was discharged from the hospital and then transferred to a nursing home. The medical malpractice lawsuit states that the hospital staff failed to properly monitor the patient despite the knowledge that she was in a high-risk category for a fall. As a result of the hospital’s carelessness and negligence, the woman endured pain and suffering that led to a delay in her recuperation. To read more about the medical malpractice lawsuit, please click the link.

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