Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Alleging Surgical Errors

The West Virginia Record shared information this week on a new medical malpractice lawsuit filed by a woman who claims that she was the victim of a surgical error. Each Chicago medical malpractice attorney at our attorney works with local residents hurt during or following surgery. Sometimes errors are made in the middle of the procedure with obvious consequences. At other times, a surgery is performed and the patient is not made aware of any problems until complications develop later. It sometimes takes a bit of investigation before the problems is connected to a surgical mistake.

New Medical Malpractice Case
This latest lawsuit was filed by a woman who went into the hospital after having performed a nephrectomy. A nephrectomy is a kidney removal-either all or part of kidney can be removed during one of these operations. It can be necessary for any number of reasons; the patient may have cancer or a kidney may be damaged in some other way. In other situations the patient may be a donor who is having the operation so that the kidney can be donated to another who needs it.

According to information posted online by the Mayo Clinic, medical professionals can perform the operation either using a large incision in the abdomen or via laparoscopic surgery with a series of small abdominal incisions.

In this case the patient claims that the surgeon failed to properly close her surgical wound after the operation. The wound did not seem to heal and was leading the woman to suffer unabated abdominal pain. The allegedly-negligent doctor apparently did not properly diagnose the problem of the surgical wound even after the surgery.

It wasn’t until nearly a year after the original surgery that the patient went to a second physician. This visit was for a separate medical issue-to repair a ventral hernia. At this time the patient discussed her complaints about abdominal pain. Eventually this second doctor told her that her “oblique musculature had not been approximated” following the kidney removal surgery.

Eventually the woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking to hold the original doctor liable for the failure to properly close the surgical wound. The suit claims that this error resulted in significant pain, discomfort, mental anguish, and tens of thousands of dollars in additional medical bills.

Surgical Errors
This case is a clear reminder of the wide range of risks present in all surgeries. Kidney removals occur quite frequently, and the doctor in this case had likely performed the operation on many occasions. However, any time that the body is opened in this way there are many risks of preventable complications developing. That is why very careful protocols need to be following from the very beginning to the end. In this case, the mistake occurred at the very of the operations-when the wound was being sewn back up.

If you or someone you know experiences complications that may be connected to mistakes made during surgery, it is important to visit with a medical malpractice lawyer to learn how the law might apply in your cases. There is nothing to lose from sharing your story and receiving information about the law.

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