Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed After Surgical Device Malfunction

Illinois surgical errors are always frightening for local families, because the potential for permanent damage is always present when surgery is involved. The risks make it imperative for all those involved in ensuring the safety of the procedure to do everything in their power to ensure patients do not experience any unnecessary complications. Sometimes medical complications will develop during surgery that could not have been prevented by those involved. However, there are many other complications which should never arise, because they are always preventable. These preventable problems include surgical device malfunctions, surgeons accidentally injuring parts of the body not involved in the surgery, and similar mistakes. When these situations arise, the victims and their families often have legal rights so that they can have resources to make themselves whole. Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers have worked with many local families in that situation.

Unfortunately, surgical errors are not as rare as they should be. Today the Louisiana Record published a story on a new surgical error lawsuit filed after a patient was hurt by a robotic device malfunction. According to documents filed with the court, the victim visited the defendant facility in order to have a neck surgery performed. The particular surgery involved a surgeon using a robotic device to aid in the procedure.

The complaint in the suit claims that in the middle of the procedure there was an “unexplained malfunction/breakdown of the robotic device.” Neither the doctor nor other staff members involved in the procedure could fix the mechanical problems. It does not take much explanation to understand how harmful this breakdown could be considering that the malfunction occurred at the very moment that the device was inserted in the patient neck. To make matters worse, the medical device manufacturer did not have a service employee available to work on the machine-contractually the company was required to do so. Eventually, the medical professionals involved had to convert the robotic surgery into a traditional one which involved opening a long area in her neck.

Technology advances continue to change the way operations are done in the medical community. Of course, on the whole these developments are welcome news that improves the treatment options of many patients and often make certain procedures easier, safer, and more affordable. However, the technology is only as good as it is reliable. At the end of the day, medical providers, medical device manufacturers and others involved in these operations must be held responsible when errors cause harm to a patient. Our Chicago injury lawyers understand the harm that is caused by all sorts of surgical errors. Many patients have had their lives forever altered-and have even lost their lives-because of preventable mistakes that occurred during surgery. Regardless of what specifically went wrong in your case, it is important to be aware of your legal rights. If you or a loved one has been hurt by one of these medical errors, get in touch with a local medical malpractice attorney to share your story and see what options are available to you.

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