Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Over Undiagnosed Strep

Every Chicago medical malpractice lawyer at our firm knows that on many occasions the most costly medical errors arise not because of what a doctor does incorrectly but what he or she failed to do altogether. Patients visit their medical professionals when they have health problems, and they expect them to act reasonably and do what is necessary to diagnose their problem and treat it. Sadly, at times medical professionals make basic mistakes in this process which a reasonable doctor in a similar situation would not have made. These diagnostic failures are one of the most common forms of Chicago medical malpractice. It occurs far too often in our area and throughout the country.

For example, MSNBC recently reported on a new medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed by a family after the failure to diagnose strep throat in their son led to the amputation of his legs. The six-year old boy’s saga began a year ago when he had a high fever, hip pain, and swollen tonsils. As any parent would, his family took him to the nearby hospital to figure out what was wrong and to get help. Considering the boy’s symptoms, it would have been standard protocol for the child to have a rapid strep test performed. The test is very simple and only involves a quick swab of the area. Yet, no such test was performed on this boy. Instead, the boy’s was diagnosed with nasal congestion and hip strain and sent home.

The boy’s condition deteriorated quickly. By the next morning the family was back at the hospital. The child was never diagnosed with strep throat until later. As a result of the delay the infection was allowed to spread. It eventually entered his bloodstream and spread to his other organs. It wasn’t long before the boy was in a life threatening situation. In order to save his life, medical professionals were required to amputate both of the boy’s legs. The family of the victim filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent doctor and hospital following the ordeal. The suit is seeking to hold the facility accountable for its mistake and for compensation for the boy’s losses. The family hopes that their saga will help other families take strep throat seriously. There remains a misconception that the infection cannot have long-term consequences. However, at this case demonstrates, when not treated properly, the situation can be grave.

The boy’s situation is one faced by many others in the area when doctors fail to take reasonable steps, the consequences can be life-altering. No family should have to go through this ordeal, and no child should have his life forever changed, because simple steps were not taken. In this case, if the victim had been given antibiotics or had the simple step test performed or blood test performed, then the infection wouldn’t have spread and he would be paying soccer with his friends. If you ever fall victim to a failure to diagnose, be sure to seek out professional legal advice to protect your rights.

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