Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Over Hole in Bowel

Earlier this week we reported on a wrongful death lawsuit that resulted in a jury award for $7 million filed by the family of a woman killed when her bowel was punctured. Today, About Lawsuits has published a story on yet another medical malpractice lawsuit involving the death of a woman due to a doctor damaging her bowel.

According to the complaint, the victim-a wife and mother of three children-visited her doctor to get an exploratory laparotomy conducted to treat a small bowel obstruction. The victim left the procedure feeling a bit uneasy. About two weeks later her symptoms has worsened. Doctors found that she had a fever, high white blood cell count, and other signs of infection. A CAT scan was performed which showed multiple abscesses. Those abscesses suggesting that she had a hole in her bowel.

Some corrective measures were attempted, but in another two weeks she was again hospitalized after bleeding from an open wound. After transfer to another hospital she was diagnosed with septic shock and inter-abdominal problems which led to multiple organ failure. The victim was eventually placed on life support until her family asked that it be removed. They subsequently filed this medical malpractice lawsuit.

It is difficult to remain unmoved by stories of suffering and tragic loss like this one. The victim’s family was understandably devastated by the loss. Some of the worst examples of medical malpractice involve a patient who intends to have a basic procedure completed only to have complications develop causing death. As the stories reported here reveal, these sorts of accidents occur in all parts of the country with far too much frequency.

Our Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand that the legal system is not capable of completely compensating victims in these situations. Yet, the law does allow those who have lost to seek some accountability and redress for the errors that led to their suffering.

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