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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed After Mistakes Cause Man to Become a Paraplegic

A Chicago medical malpractice lawyer knows that few injuries are as costly in both emotional and monetary terms than those that have permanent and debilitating effects on a patient. Unfortunately, that is exactly the result of many preventable errors made by medical professionals like doctors and nurses.

For example, the Winona Post reported last week on a new medical malpractice lawsuit alleging that poor treatment caused a victim to become a paraplegic. The suit stems from the care provided to a patient at Winona Health Services between March and May of 2009. Allegations contend that while at the medical facility the victim suffered from sepsis (infection in the bloodstream) as well as had a staph infection. The most basic step to treat these dangerous infections involves the administration of antibiotics, but the victim in this case never received those antibiotics.

As a result, the infection spread, creating a spinal epidural abscess. That abscess damaged the nerves in the victim’s spine, resulting in his becoming a paraplegic with a neurogenic bowel and bladder. He eventually required surgery to remove part of his spine.

Following the tragic turn of events the patient eventually filed suit against his negligent caregivers. The injuries have obviously caused the man great pain, discomfort, embarrassment, physical and mental loss of function, loss of life enjoyment, a mountain of medical bills, compromised earning potential and other injuries. Accidents of this sort that truly incapacitate the victim are incredibly damaging for their victim and all of their loved ones.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti know that the legal system is in place specifically to help victims such as this whose lives are turned upside down because of mistakes made by those on whom they depend. Patients are dependent on the basic skills of their medical professionals. It is therefore imperative that those caregivers be held accountable when they make errors that permanently injure others.

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