Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Medical Spa

Medical spas are unique settings where certain healthcare is provided in an environment that also blends in services offered at a day spa. These clinics are usually overseen by a medical doctor. The medical services provided at these facilities are usually cosmetic, handling things like skin brown spots, broken capillaries, skin redness, and laser treatments. Those services are often offered in addition to things like massages and other body treatments.

Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers appreciate that because of the service provided at these facilities, there is a possibility that medical malpractice could strike those who visit these locations. We understand the because of the more relaxed nature of these facilities and the cosmetic nature of the procedures, there is often an assumption that there are fewer healthcare risks associated with the care.

But that is not necessarily true. As our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys have frequently explained, cosmetic operations can have very serious consequences, particularly when performed by medical professionals who fail to act reasonably.

That appears to be the case at a medical spa in Nevada. The state’s Board of Medical Examiner’s recently charged a physician’s assistant with medical malpractice for her work as owner and operator of a medical spa. Former employees of the facility have issued harsh words about the treatments provided at the facility. For example, one woman explained that “It was all for the money. It was so she could bill the insurance companies and collect the dollar.”

The latest complaint filed by the state’s medical regulatory board includes a list of counts. The charges allege that the owner treated patients for problems that they did not actually have. In addition, there are allegations that the patients were given the wrong drugs by the facility. On top of that, the board claims that patients medical records are very poorly kept, noting that they are “inaccurate, incomplete, incoherent, inconsistent and contradictory.”

The former employees detail a work-environment where patient needs were subservient to profit. One woman shared that no matter what symptoms a patient came in with, the goal was also to have the patient receive the most expensive treatment possible. The former employees recall being shocked as they slowly learned that no matter what the patient came in with-extreme hot flashes, hormone deficiencies, or the like-they virtually all received the same diagnosis. Hundreds of patients may have been unknowingly affected.

The problem was far beyond the clinic receiving money unnecessarily. There were very real consequences for the patients. For example, one 48-year woman had testosterone levels rise to 500% higher than normal as a result of the dangerous blanket treatment at the medical spa.

As a result of that story and others, the medical board issued its complaint against the clinic and its owner. They accuse the physician’s assistant of providing substandard medical care. Like all medical professionals, those working in these environments are required to act with the same level of reasonable skill, care, and knowledge as others in the profession. Failure to do so many result in regulatory complications as well as civil lawsuits filed by the individuals patients harmed.

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