Medical Malpractice Insurers Must End their License to Gouge

The Huffington Post discussed the powerful insurance industry and their influence on health care reform. Doctors have long been complaining about their medical malpractice insurance rates. They blame them on judges, juries and injured patients, blaming them for insurers’ decisions to raise rates even though claims and payouts have dropped over the last several years. They tell lawmakers that the only way to bring rates under control is to strip away patients’ rights to go to court. Sick and injured patients have now become the insurance industry’s scapegoats. However, limiting the legal rights of patients is no answer. Instead the insurance industry needs to be held responsible for their price-gouging of doctors. The anti-competitive behavior of the insurance industry is the cause for the high medical malpractice insurance and they should be held responsible. Maybe then Congress will understand that is both unfair and ineffective to punish medical malpractice victims. To read more about the medical insurance industry, please click the link.

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