Medical malpractice caps in Texas harm the injured and deny access to justice for those injured by negligence

Almost four years after medical malpractice reforms in Texas, many are realizing how unfair caps on damages are to victims of medical malpractice. The $250,000 cap on non-economic damage awards that Texas has imposed often leave victims who have suffered immense pain, disability and disfigurement without redress.

Due to an extremely effective PR campaign run by big insurance companies and big business, many citizens in states like Texas believe that lawsuits are to blame for doctors’ increased insurance costs. The reality is – insurance companies are to blame for increased malpractice insurance, as a recent study by the American Association for Justice reveals.

The Center for Justice and Democracy, advocates of the civil justice system, has published two helpful articles showing that caps do not decrease insurance premiums, and addressing several of the myths about medical malpractice cases that have inaccurately swayed public opinion for far too long.

Doctors are not getting relief from caps on lawsuits, victims of negligence are not being fairly compensated, and insurance companies are profiting. Insurance companies are the only winners in tort reform.

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