Med mal lawsuit filed by deformed man misdiagnosed by prison doctor

A medical malpractice lawsuit has recently been filed on the behalf of an imprisoned man who was misdiagnosed and is permanently disfigured as a result. The inmate’s pleas for medical attention relating to an infected hemorrhoid were ignored until his pain was unbearable, his genitals swollen, he was bleeding from the rectum, had a rash on his torso and had a fever. The prison doctor diagnosed him as having an allergic reaction. As the man’s fever rose and blisters developed on his skin, the doctor issued a pain reliever and a prescription steroid that lowers immune system capabilities. When the man was taken to the hospital after his symptoms continued to worsen, he was immediately diagnosed with Fournier’s gangrene, a type of necrotizing fasciitis that kills about a fourth of the people who get it. The editor of Prison Legal News in Seattle called it, “the most outrageous case of medical neglect in a prison or jail… I’ve seen where the patient lived.” The 60-year-old man is disabled and deformed after six pounds of flesh were removed from his pelvis, he lost one testicle and had his penis reconstructed.

The prison doctor was trained in Pakistan and granted a Washington state medical license after a hospital internship in Illinois, only passing the exam for foreign-trained doctors on his fifth try. Since beginning his position as prison doctor in 2001, 11 complaints had been filed about him with the State Health Department. The doctor delayed in diagnosing the flesh-eating bacteria, which allowed the infection to spread, but prescribing the steroid exponentially worsened the man’s symptoms. After the initial diagnosis was missed, the treatment was incorrect, and different sources stated that it is a miracle the patient did not die.

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