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Man Loses sense of Smell in Nasal Surgery

Jurors are deliberating in a medical malpractice suit where a man sued his dentist for a negligent nasal surgery. The man lost his sense of smell a month after the surgery. The man had originally gone to the dentist to have his wisdom teeth pulled and the dentist noticed he was having difficulty breathing through his nose and suggested nasal surgery to remedy the problem. The dentist used a procedure called radiofrequency ablation in which a probe is placed is placed directly into the nasal tissue. The dentist was able to control the heat and how it dispersed on the nasal tissue. The man’s attorney claims that the dentist put too much heat on the nasal tissues that caused an infection which led to his loss of smell. The man has subsequently been to two specialists, but still is unable to regain his sense of smell. The trial lasted four days. To read the full story, click here.

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